Saturday, October 2, 2010

Jam for the Arts! Canning Workshop October 20th

I'm really excited to announce a fundraiser I'll be holding soon - Jam for the Arts!  I'll be teaching a canning workshop, and all proceeds will go to support music education in Oakland Public Schools.
Canning Workshop - Jam for the Arts!
Wednesday, October 20th 7-10pm
Sliding scale $35-70, plus $10 supply fee
Location: N. Oakland, address supplied upon registration
Fundraiser - all proceeds benefit Oakland Youth Chorus

People can for environmental reasons, to eat locally, reconnect with family recipes, preserve their garden's abundance, be self-sufficient, save money, or just because it tastes better!  If you are motivated to can but aren't sure where to start, this is the class for you.

What's the difference between preserves, compotes, fruit butters, jams & jellies? Should you use a water bath or pressure canner?  How do you can safely? This hands-on workshop will answer these questions and more. You will leave with several jars of homemade preserves (apples and quince are the planned ingredients, subject to availability), a sheaf of recipes, and the skills and confidence to do it yourself next time.
Contact for more information.  As of this posting, only 5 spots were left. All proceeds benefit OYC.

Jam for the Arts is co-sponsored by Oakland Local.


  1. Thanks for the comment on my blog! Nice to "meet" a local. I assume you know about Forage Oakland...sounds like you are in the right neighborhood!

  2. The Class was great! I coulddn't wait to try the jam, we tried it as soon as I got home!
    Thank you!

  3. I just got a bunch of walnuts! Fun! I hope your groups gets a whole bunch too!

    Do you think you could still send those links we were asking about in your canning workshop? one was about a foraging map website, and I can't quite remember what the other one was. Thank you!